Housing Loans to make homes of their own

Build Your Own Home on the Land of the Government Housing Loan - What You Need to Know ? I think many of us who own their own being stingy about to build their dream home. For government staff housing loans offered the opportunity should be used preferably . The process of building your dream home on their own land m liquidize government housing loans is not the same as buying a completed house . There are several processes that need to be made ​​which requires approval from the relevant authorities. Among the few things you should know and should be completed before your loan application is submitted : 1 . Land Ownership : Make sure you are the rightful owner of the land / registered on the land to be built home. If you wish to buy a home together ( combined loan ) with your partner , make sure you me enter the first name of your spouse ( husband - wife ) as co-owners of the land. The process of change in ownership or enter the name of your partner can be done at the Land Office . The time taken is dependent on the state land office or the respective districts . Every land offices have acts and regulations vary from state to state because each act is tied to the state land code , respectively . The rate depends on the rate of land value , the higher the land value is then the higher the cost of stamping (stamp duty ) payable . 2 . Land Status: Status of land should also be noted . What is the status of your land ? Are agricultural land? Paddy land ? Rubber Estate ? Or orchard land ? All the status of the land to be converted into building land status first. Managing change in land status may be applied at the land office and state / province respectively . Here too there is a cost involved and the time taken to change the status of the land is quite old usually 6 months to 1 year . 3 . Architect Plans : Next plan often called the architect or home plans . If you have skills in designing the house so you can design your own dream home .but what matters in the end the home plan should be stamped and signed by a qualified architect . Architectural plans must be accompanied by some other plan more like Sewerage Plan and Structure Plan ( Plan Irons) . The cost of the architectural plans are usually calculated based on square foot area of ​​the house , the greater your home more expensive then the cost of architectural fees . Once your plan stamped and signed by the architect then turn the plan submitted to the county council for approval and a permit to build a home . As usual .... approval process at the district council shall have the costs . Usually the time frame for approval takes 2 to 6 months , depending on the Local Authority ( LA ) areas respectively . 4 . Contract : the contract agreement should be attached along with the application form on your mortgage . The lawyer who will manage the building contract agreement between your home and the contractor of your choice. The cost of the contract fee will be discussed with the contractor , who will bear the costs of the suit . Normally the client will incur legal costs because the contractor will only provide quotations for building houses. But there are also some cases the contractor agrees to bear the legal costs . 5 . Valuation Process : The final process is the process of valuation which has passed the plan to be submitted to the Department of Valuation and Property Services which house plan you will be judged . Total loans at a later date may not exceed the total value issued by the Department of Assessment . Evaluation process usually takes only 1 week . Once the above process is complete then you can now send your mortgage application form ..... Thank you .... hope this brief bit of info you can give is stingy about to build your dream home on their own land use for housing loan facility .

Cashflow 101 trick

Have you played your share and the loss of more than 15,000 for greed and lack of knowledge?.

Have you ever tried to trade for another drive, remove the large capital of 12,000 from your savings, but ultimately failed?

Have you bought a house valued at 140,000 and then you find a suitable location of the house was only occupied by the spirits and creatures seem just?

Have you had difficulty sleeping at night and having palpitations in recognition of the problems as above?

Maybe you do not have. But it is a scenario that happened to me. Believe me that it was not a pleasant situation. It is one thing that you want to forget the history of your life. Even so, it makes us stronger than before, more prudent and more cautious. As the saying goes, "what can not kill you makes you Stronger." But as many as one can get back from this fall. What more if the loss suffered by millions of items. I am very fortunate to have tested God in the period that is still hard work. What about those who are not able to.

Generate passive income from employment is not a matter of resources in play and can be made casually. It requires experience and knowledge of finance is appropriate. Science can be found from the books and papers available. But the experience gained is also the same importance. My experience is from the "school of hard knocks." Knock on my head so strongly that it left a deep mental impact (to your knowledge, I am still sane ye ..). I'm sure you do not want to suffer the same fate.

The best brains in the financial sector is of the opinion if you want to succeed, you must have a mentor who has proven success. One of his famous multi millionaire with the story of "from rags to Riches" it is the Robert T. Kiyosaki. He also has its own mentor of his foster father (Rich Dad).

In facilitating the process of understanding the strategies in the areas of personal finance, Robert T. Kiyosaki created a simulation that is similar to our daily life, called Cashflow 101. In the simulation Cahsflow 101, we will be exposed to the complexities of living with a wage earner, received a "paycheck" every month and the money spent on the "doodads". Of the two articles I Cashflow 101 in the series before this, "the rat race" and "generate passive income", of course I believe you / i have understood and learned about this.

In this game, each person will receive a task to be salaried employees, whether a doctor is paid a large and a lot of shopping or a garbage sweeper who earn less. If said the man, the bigger the pot the bigger descale. You'll get your income statement and statement of the money saved each month. In your way to success (so-called fast track) you will find some exciting opportunities as an offer to buy shares, bought the company and apartment houses. You can choose to accept the offer or not based on the information provided on the card and your own abilities.

The challenge becomes more difficult as you may have to spend if getting "doodads" that erodes your savings depleted. You may also be dismissed, forced to pay one month salary and lose a turn. You also may get free child (not married to the child was bleh) that will reduce your cash flow. This is where you test the ability and luck.

What is difficult in this game is to build a passive income from the income you receive from your paycheck that just so you can exit the rat race. You counted out of the rat race for you to enter the fast track if you are successful passive income exceeds your monthly expenses even though the value of 10 cents. In the fast track is no longer your life miserable because you will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from the banker. It happen if .... Your passive income should be calculated to win you reach the number of 50,000 per month or you managed to buy a "dream" that you want before you get rich.

The interesting thing for me in this game is, in real life, we are very happy to spend our money to buy a big car and computer technology. We felt a thrill as getting new toys, toys and goods up to date. We are confident that we should get the prize on our commitment to work. But in this game Cashflow, "doodads" is a sin. We seem to be punished for wasting our money to the "doodads". After the expiry of the game, my heart can feel exactly that, "doodads" is a waste even before it did not. Strange, it sticks in my heart ...

I could write a chapter about the Cashflow berbab-101 because I was fan of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and all the books written by Robert T. Kiyosaki who is my personal collection. My experience playing Cashflow 101 amazing simulation. I would like to recommend you to try simulation Cashflow 101 before you take any action to increase your investment or a waste of money.

To explore your new world of work after completing his studies at college or university, this is your chance to take the right first step. The first mistake you make in your life based on lack of knowledge will hinder your success. Increase knowledge, courage to take risks and continue to fight.